Cessna 172D

Reims Cessna F172D

The Cessna 172D commenced production in 1963. It is the first model ofthe Cessna 172 that went into final assembly in France with Reims Aviation. The first 172's off the line in France were actually manufactured by Cessna, then disassembled and shipped to Europe for re-assembly, and Thus they have dual constructor numbers.


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One of the earliest that was assembled by Reims was 172D 0011, that was manufactured by Cessna as c/n 50181. It entered the Danish register as OY-DEW and is still registered as such. The beayty of it is that though more than 50 years old, it is "just one of these modern Cessna 172's" when it flies around, and attende the occasoinal old-timer meeting, being asked to park amongst the other modern aircraft at the remote corner of the field.


The 172D was the first with the lower rear fuselage, creating the "omni-vision" rear window.


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