Cessna 172R


Cessna re-started production in 1996 after a ten year stop that followed the liability Laws in USA. The first few prototypes were made using late production 172P models.


The 172R introduced a bigger engine, but with reduced continious full output, enabling a longer time between overhaulst. With the introduction of the Skyhawk SP in 1998, the production of the R-model slowly declined. Production of the 172R has more or less stopped in 2014, and after that the SP and the JT-A versions are the only ones in production. The overlap between the 172R Skyhawk and the 172S Skyhawk SP is as far as we can tell the only time when two more or less equal 172 types were in production at the same time.


Last construction number so far is 17281622, and with the first being 17280001, the total 172R production reached 1622 airframes.


As with earlier Cessna 172's the 172R has been offered with a large number of after-market add-ons and gadgets, one of the more visible ones being the change of engine to a Diesel, as this modification usually includes a three-bladed variable-pitch propeller as opposed to the standard two-bladed fixed-pitch propeller used on all the Cessna 172R airframes delivered from the factory.




Updated 13.9.15