Cessna 172S

Skyhawk SP and JT-A

These pages are dedicated to the long-lasting Cessna 172. In a few (hundred) years it is the aim that all 172's manufactured are represented on these pages. Impossible - YES, but at least we have started it up, and you are welcome to send in any and all pictures of Cessna 172's that are not already here. Please only send us your own pictures, or pictures that you have obtained specific permission to send to us for inclusion on these pages. Be aware that any and all pictures and information recieved will be considered for inclusion in a book or whatever media will be available in the future, and by sending the mentioned items to us you accept that they are included in such a media without us asking for further permission to do so due to the sheer magnitude of information that will need sorting for such a huge amount of data.


Please feel free to send any and all information on Cessna 172's that may be of interest for inclusion in a publication on the subject.


These pages are initiated by Erik Gjørup Kristensen/Scandinavian Aeronautics Indefinite, and could not be possible without the valuable help of many individuals, publications and web-pages.


An updates page has been added to enable you to return and see the latest updates. Some updates may be minor, e.g. a date added, others may include a totally new page or some new pictures on a particular plane, so just click the line 172 updates to the left to see what, if anything, has happened since your last visit.


The Skyhawk SP is still in production, with exports to China, Russia and other interesting Places on Earth. The new Skyhawk JT-A uses the Skyhawk SP c/n range, and is Thus embedded in these pages until further. If Cessna decides to give them a new c/n range this will be added to the site.


With the reservation of 172S11621, the name of the Company has changed to Textron Aviation Inc on the CofR reservations (some later c/n's had been reserved prior to this change, and has been reserved to Cessna Aircraft Company)



In a surprising move (JAN 2017), Textron has commenced 172S' in the c/n sequence starting with 172S12001. Could this be for a range of Diesel powered 172S Skyhawk JT-A? So far they are listed only as 172S on the FAA web-site.


Can you help out, please let us know.


















Updated 02.03.2017